José Varela moved to England 1999. He always had a passion for martial arts, in 2005 he moved and become a member of the Muay Thai Gym KO Bloodline. Along wth his coach Paul Marut he remained there for 8 years, learning and developing his fighting and coaching skills.

During this period of time he achieved a respectful reputation as a fighter, including a British Camphion Title, UKMF Champion, 4 men Tournament (winner) and 8 men Tournament (semi-final)

José Varela dream did not ended there, he also wanted to share his skills and abilities and became a coach and private instructor. Now He is a coach in the Fight Zone London Gym and continuously teaching and sharing his years of experience.

Main achievements

  • MTGP World Champion 2015
  • IMTKA European Champion 2014
  • UKMF English Title (2009)
  • 4-Men’s Tournament Champion (2011)
  • British Champion (2011)
  • 8-Men’s Tournament Semi-final (2011)