Andre Borges, commonly known as “Portuga”, started practising martial arts in the 1990’s. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu appeared later, around 1999/2000, and Andre hasn’t stopped grappling since then, training around the world with many illustrious coaches such as former world cup champion Reinaldo Ramos, Jean Kleber and Dinarte “Silva” before moving to the United Kingdom. When in London, Andre started training with the Checkmat team where he met Marco Canha, who awarded Portuga his black belt on February 2011, Andre and Keith McKenzie where the first black belts awarded by Fightzone London’s head instructor, Marco Canha.

Andre Borges is also the founder and author of a leading Brazilian Jiu Jitsu website named BJJ Heroes, a website that has been revered over the last few years as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s encyclopaedia.