Monthly membership fees

Our members are not restricted to just one style of class, you can train whichever martial arts we have available and mix up your training, if you so require. For example, you might want to take the 3 classes per week membership, in those 3 classes you can mix up your training, ie.: 1 Boxing, 1 BJJ and 1 Thai Boxing, or any whichever way you see fit.

NO  LONG CONTRACT!! Just a month notice cancellation.

The available memberships are:

  • £60 per month enables you to take any two classes per week.
  • £75 per month enables you to take any three classes per week
  • £95 per month enables you to take unlimited classes
  • £60 Per month  Kids (from 4 to 16 years old) unlimited classes.

Drop in class

Pay as you Go

£15 per session for any class

Additional charges

Joining Fee: A one off joining fee of £25 applies whether you decide to pay monthly or pay per class

Insurance: Our members’ safety is very important to us. Our members are required to pay £10 per year for insurance in case of any accidents.

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