Fight Zone London is one of the top Martial Arts and Combat Sports institutions in the United Kingdom. Having started back in 2012 with a team of internationally acclaimed coaches, the gym grew with each passing year while always promoting a professional, yet friendly environment with carefully planned programs which cater for the varied needs of each classroom.

The Fight Zone London curriculum offers over 70 classes per week (one of the largest training schedules in Europe) in a variety of fighting disciplines taught by some of the best coaches in the business, all of which hold a verifiable track record.

The brand name Fight Zone originated in Brazil, an academy that was started by 9x BJJ World champion Ricardo Vieira who established its reputation as one of the top grappling academies in the country. Now in East London, Fight Zone London was founded by one of Vieira’s prime students – Marco Canha who opened the space in partnership with James Roach.

Marco Canha is the head instructor of Fight Zone London, being recognized as one of the prime jiu jitsu instructors in the UK by leading grappling publications such as Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine and BJJ Heroes. Marco has a verifiable track record as a competitor, but has also excelled as a coach by leading athletes onto medals in National level events such as the British Nationals, but also international upper echelon tournaments such as the IBJJF European Open, London International Open, World Championships and even at the ADCC trials.

Originally from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, Marco Canha’s BJJ skills were developed at the original Fight Zone in Rio, an international beacon of grappling from which countless BJJ world champions were produced. Canha was the first to introduce the school’s groundbreaking methods to England, while adding plenty of his own input to his winning coaching recipe.

Exceptional training experience

Welcoming environment

World class coaching


Jiu Jitsu Affiliation to Checkmat BJJ Academy

Being a direct descendant of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lineage of Ricardo Vieira, the Fightzone London gym is also naturally associated with the renowned Checkmat BJJ team – which Ricardo founded in partnership with his brother, 2x ADCC champion Leonardo Vieira.

Checkmat Jiu Jitsu is one of the most well established Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teams in the world, with strong hubs in Brazil, USA and the United Kingdom – particularly in London, where in Fight Zone it’s largest affiliate.


With the help of Fight Zone London, Checkmat has developed into a powerhouse of British jiu jitsu by conquering numerous International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (IBJJF) trophies in the region. This includes consecutive wins at the IBJJF London International Open (2015, 2016, 2017). Individually, Fight Zone London’s head instructor has developed medalists in some of the top tournaments in the world, such as British champions and European champions as well as World medalists and ADCC trials winners.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling based martial art as well as a combat sport which gained notoriety through the famous Gracie family back in Brazil during the 1930’s. A style the family used successfully in no-holds-barred matches up until the modern day era.

As a sport, the main objective of a Jiu Jitsu competitor is to force his opponent to give up (this is called a submission or a tap-out) by using joint locks or chokes. A match can be decided  also by points, with a point system being designed to reward the most dominant competitor. Jiu Jitsu’s efficiency has been put to the test since the early stages of the art through no-holds-barred contests as well as modern day mixed martial arts (MMA) and through all these trials it is revered as one of the most effective martial arts in the word.

In the United States, the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) has been mentioned by the media as one of the fastest growing sports in the country, while in Brazil it is regarded as a national sport. The United Arab Emirates have also recognized the benefits of this combat sport having decided to teach BJJ as part of the school curriculum.

What you need to bring

For your first class and if you are new to Jiu Jitsu we recommend you come to one of our beginner classes. All you will need to bring shorts or tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. If you wish to follow Jiu Jitsu regularly, you will require a kimono

Boxing Classes

We offer boxing classes for beginners to experienced students with a fantastic boxing coach. As a competitor Marlon represented Great Britain and was an ABA champion and has developed in to an amazing coach. For more details regarding our boxing classes or our coach Marlon please check the classes or the coaches section.

Muay Thai, Thai Boxing Classes

We offer you the chance to train under one of the top Thai boxers in the country and current MTG Grand Prix World Champion, a fighter with an extraordinary professional Muay Thai and K1 record and an inspiring and energetic coach . For more details, please check our classes page or Jose Varela’s page on the instructors section.

MMA Classes

We offer MMA classes to people of all levels. MMA classes are tought by Stuart Austin (current heavy weight champion of BAMMA and Belator veteran) and Steve O’Keefe (Cage Warriors veteran) and focus on both the sport and self defence aspect. Classes are friendly but intense with an emphasis of technique. For more information visit the MMA page.